Below are some links to helpful websites, thoughts and musings.

Helpful Links

Follow my professional page on Facebook at Rhea A. Merck, PhD, PC or on Twitter @DrRheaMerck for social media articles on topics I find interesting.

Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

The American Psychological Association website has many articles on topics of mental wellness.

Like this page on habits for healthy families

Building resiliency in childhood (a guide for parents & teachers)

Building resiliency for Teens

Building resiliency in Adulthood

Some things I like

My favorite Ted Talks

Brené Brown—make sure you watch them in chronological order

Rick Hanson at TEDxMarin: Hardwiring Happiness

Musings & Quotes

Life lessons learned in a painting class.

I recently took a 3-day landscape painting class in oil. These were my thoughts…

    1. The tedious (and often frustrating) tasks to get started provide the foundation and give support for the big project.

    2. Less is more.

    3. More than you need will require more of you.

    4. Stop before you’ve gone too far. It’s hard to fix a mess.

    5. Sometimes you have to step away to see what you’re doing.

Certainty or Curiosity

Certainty or curiosity
Change and creativity
Collusion vs. cooperation
Care and consideration
Character or culture
Chaos and calm

Is it useful?
Has it a purpose?
Can I?
Can you?
Can we?

Crying for more
Kicking and
Screaming all the way.

Carry me
Carry them
Carry on.

Come with me
To uncertainty
And change…