Areas of Competency

I have a part-time “boutique-style” psychotherapy practice with individualized attention. I return all phone calls personally. I see individuals, couples, and families. I particularly enjoy working with teenagers, college students, and adults navigating transitions.

  • Eating Disorders

    In 1984, I began working at a hospital unit in which we treated people with eating disorders from all over the southeast. Unlike many therapists, I believe it is possible to fully recover from an eating disorder. Treatment can be extensive and early intervention is always best.

  • Life Transitions

    Our life's journey has a way of taking twists and turns that we don't anticipate. You know what they say about the 'best laid plans' I'm sure. Finding new ways to navigate these hurdles is essential for thriving vs. simply surviving as our old ways are sometimes not enough. I enjoy working with people who recognize the need to embrace change, even when it is not easy.

  • Marital Therapy

    Our primary relationships tend to be the hub of our lives. When they are good, we’re good; when they’re not functioning well, we suffer. I have always been interested in couples and how to make our most complex relationships better. It’s science, but not rocket science. I have trained with national experts like John Gottman, Laura Dodson, and Russell Haber and internationally with Maurizio Andolfi in Italy and Lars Brok from Denmark

  • Athletes

    Sometimes life tosses us a ball and the easiest thing to do is to catch it. I began to work with athletes after an unfortunate set of circumstances gave me this opportunity. While I do not consider myself a “sports psychologist,” I have been working with athletes for over two years and helping them understand the barriers that can interfere with performance and assist them as they navigate difficult situations like injury, rehabilitation, and retirement.

  • Speaking/Training

    I enjoy speaking with groups about topics within my areas of study. For example, I have met with parent groups about effective parenting strategies and given talks to county and state bar associations about the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. I also met with the creative department of a large local company and gave an interactive presentation on the value of humor in the workplace. We had a great time at that one!

  • Evaluations

    I do not do intellectual, achievement, custody or fitness, or personality psychological evaluations. I do evaluations in two very specific areas by referral only. If you need a psychological evaluation, please feel free to call me for a referral, as I have several colleague/friends who work specifically in this area.

When my own teaching schedule allows, I also enjoy the opportunity to speak to student groups on a variety of topics and to assist with trainings for student and early career therapists, especially on topics such as treating patients with eating disorders or on experiential family therapy.